Exploring your life’s purpose

Let’s journey together

Explore life's questions

Life is tough, and sometimes it leaves us with a lot of questions about faith and God. Here you can discover answers to those questions.

Women: Are you struggling with lust?

If you struggle with sexual desires that feel like they’re taking over your life – you’re in the right place.

What is a Christian?

It is easy to look at the huge variety of people who call themselves Christians and be confused about exactly what a Christian is.

Growing your faith

How to avoid stress and focus on Christ

Author and speaker Cindi Ferrini talks about the importance of organizing your home, as well as the need for planning tasks and times of rest.

Jan Stewart

How can I follow my calling if I’m not sure what it is?

You crave meaningful work that expresses a sense of your calling. But there’s a problem. What if you’re unsure of how to discover it?

Joanna Wilson

VIDEO: God made me multicultural, what happens now?

God made us each uniquely and purposefully. Does that include our cultures too?

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