Exploring your life’s purpose

Let’s journey together

How to Change Your Life: Motivation, Courage and Love

Sometimes life's obstacles are too much for us to face on our own, but true love can help us find the courage we need to change.

How Taking the Time to Be Healthy Can Improve Your Life

In the quest for success, it’s easy to neglect your health. Though you may be able to ignore the needs of your body for a while, they will eventually catch up with you.

Happiness Is Not About Being in a Relationship

Our society often glorifies relationships and looks down on singleness. This isn’t fair. There are great things about being single. Here are a few.

Growing your faith

Fasting: Why Do People Do It?

Discover what fasting is and how it can impact your faith. Learn why giving up food and drink for a period of time can improve your relationship with God.

Hope N. Griffin

How to Stop Being a Hypocritical Christian

Discover three tips for avoiding hypocrisy and handling offense.

Who Needs Courage? You Do!

This downloadable devotional will challenge you to think about courage and why Christians need it. The world may not require us to be brave, but the Word of God does.

Lisa Haynes, Devotional by Rick James

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